33 Variations—(Colorado debut for OpenStage Theatre & Co.)

 “The charismatic Marlin May gives a flawless performance as Beethoven…” –Tom Jones, The Coloradoan


The Tempest—(OPUS Award, Best Supporting Actor)

 “Marlin May is in full dastardly form as Antonio…. His smolder-and-lurk fashion is fascinating.” –Kay Rios


Rumors—(OPUS Award, Best Supporting Actor)

 “Marlin May shines as the no-nonsense and upstanding accountant Lenny Ganz…. May executes a fantastic monologue in Act II….” –Kelli Lackett

“Marlin May and Rhonnie Arthur add great comic support as Lenny and Claire Ganz, the host’s whiplashed tax man and wife.” –John Moore, The Denver Post


The Scarlet Letter—

 “A director can have a fascinating script, impeccable sets and a talented cast, but if a key actor drops out shortly before opening night, he enters the sixth circle of theater hell.

That’s the calamity that faced Bas Bleu Theatre’s production of The Scarlet Letter two weeks before their…curtain rise. So what did director Peter Anthony do? He called upon the actor who can memorize lines at the drop of a hat and consistently create distinctive and indelible characters. He called Marlin May.

Truly May deserves major kudos for ensuring the show went on….” –Kate Forgach, Scene Magazine


“Great acting abounds in The Scarlet Letter.  Roger Chillingworth (Marlin May) is appropriately disgusting and creepy with his hunchback and prosthetically disfigured face. He menaces and manipulates the other characters as he calculates his revenge.” –Ryan Sibbet, Fort Collins Weekly


Scrooge, the Musical—

 “Marlin May is heart wrenching as Scrooge’s deceased business partner, Marley….” –Tom Jones, The Coloradoan


My Fair Lady—

 “…we attended your production last night with a sense of ‘reverence’ and ‘high hopes.’ We were not disappointed. We were especially ‘taken’ by your performance. You really are a gifted actor who always seems able to find and honest way to present his character truthfully, which you did brilliantly last night. Additionally, you possess a highly disciplined work ethic. We look forward to many more rewarding evenings in the theatre watching you demonstrate what ‘acting’ means. Thank you for a most memorable theatrical viewing experience.” –Morris Burns, Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University



 “…here a sadistic, one-eyed human butcher who’s part Sweeney Todd, part Hannibal Lecter (disturbingly well-played by Marlin May).” –John Moore, The Denver Post


Saint Joan—

 “May…pleasantly dominates the opening scene…. Later, May switches roles… both characters vary greatly and are both played expertly; May is a joy to watch.” –Marti Stephens, Rocky Mountain Chronicle


The Swan—

 “Played sympathetically and honestly by Marlin May, Kevin, apparently hen-pecked by wife and mistress, is a genuinely nice, responsible guy.” –Rachael Cassidy


The Cripple of Inishmaan—

“And despite his character’s assertion that: ‘acting work really isn’t ‘work’ – it’s just talking,’ Marlin May, as town gossip Johnnypateenmike, shows there’s a lot of skill to effectively portray a blowhard.” –Stacy Nick, The Coloradoan


As You Like It—

 “The ‘All the world’s a stage’ speech takes on an almost Abbie Hoffman-vibe, courtesy of a stellar performance by Marlin May.” –Stacy Nick, The Coloradoan